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But in cities and towns such as Mombasa, Diani, Kilifi and Malindi dotted along the Indian Ocean coastline, foreign and Kenyan visitors have for years stoked demand for sex with young women - and minors.

The Original Sin: A Letter from a Young Kenyan Girl to Herself by Aisha Ali Haji

Deep-rooted sexism ensures deep-seated and daily discrimination, while engrained customs from polygamy to early marriage leave girls and women disproportionately vulnerable. Some children are trafficked from other areas of Kenya expressly for sexual slavery, but most victims are locals who are pushed into the trade more subtly, say campaigners. I will never forget the leer on his face. That was the first penis I saw. Drunken Incest The night he decided to take my virginity, he came home late and drunk and my cousin told him to sleep on my bed.

I woke up feeling his hands touching me as he removed my panties.

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I started crying silently, trying to push him away from me. He grabbed me and pushed me against his chest, using one hand to restrain me. With the other hand, he spread my legs, and started to insert his penis into me.

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I was shocked. I cried out loudly. My cousin, his wife, heard me and came into the room. He quickly pushed me away before she switched on the light.

COVAW Recommends 18 Years on Consensual Age for Sexual Activity in Kenya!

She asked me what was wrong. I told her that he was trying to put his thing in me. Her husband told her that he had not done anything. He said it was only that I was sleeping in an awkward position. He had been pushing me away from him. She angrily told him to get off the bed and go sleep in the sitting room. And that it will cause problems if I told her.

She cried.


Conversely, we also examine how school enrollment and performance affect the timing of sexual initiation. For men, however, romantic and sexual partnerships have no impact on schooling unless a partner becomes pregnant. Instead, paid employment appears to be least compatible with continued education. These transitions are not independent events; rather, they are dependent on the success or failure of prior transitions.

Thus, the order and timing of these events matter. To ensure successful transitions, many societies proscribe norms for the proper sequencing of these events. This decline partly reflects the school system in Kenya. Moreover, an equally important shift has taken place in the courtship and spousal-selection process. In the past, kin, and particularly parents, played a large role in choosing spouses for young relatives.

Another path through which dating may lead to early departure from school is the formation of marital aspirations. Adolescent girls who find a suitable marriage partner may be enticed to leave school early rather than wait and risk losing a potential spouse.

Thus, for some women, remaining in school may enhance rather than hinder their marriage prospects.

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For young men, by contrast, finding a suitable marriage partner may have no negative effect on education. Influence of Schooling on Sexual Debut and Pregnancy Just as sexual activity and pregnancy may increase the likelihood of school dropout, remaining in school may provide an incentive to delay sexual initiation and avoid pregnancy.

Whether enrollment in school can delay sexual onset is a critical question, particularly in areas most severely affected by the AIDS epidemic, where delaying sexual initiation could be lifesaving Hargreaves et al.

Most cross-sectional studies show a strong association between being out of school and being sexually active Karim Mehryar et al. Thus, although homogamy is still likely to be evident, its effect on relationship progression may be weak.

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Lastly, as self-selected marriages become more common, we would expect to find higher levels of independence from parents and kin before marriage, especially for women. For the purposes of this paper, we measure independence as no longer relying on parents or kin for support.

Fifty years ago, it was commonplace for women to enter into marriage soon after puberty and to transition directly from their natal home to the marital household.

Thus, finding a significant association between independence and marriage for women would indicate a clear change from previous marital patterns.

Concerns about HIV may influence the nature of premarital relationships as well as the choice of a spouse.

Dating, Sex, and Schooling in Urban Kenya

Moreover, searching for a marital partner may in some instances expose adolescents to considerable risk of acquiring HIV Clark et al. When considering whether relationships that culminate in marriage carry greater or less risk with respect to HIV than other premarital relationships, several behaviors need to be considered.

Chief among them are whether there is sexual activity within the relationship and, if so, whether condoms are consistently used.

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As noted above, sexual activity by women before marriage may be increasingly common. Expectations of sexual fidelity for both members of the dyad may also be higher in relationships that transition into marriage than in those that remain casual or dissolve. METHOD Study Setting As in many other urban centers in the developing world, youths in our study site, Kisumu, Kenya, are experiencing fundamental changes in their society as increasing western-style individualism, exposure to popular culture, widespread access to mass media, the Internet and mobile telephones, and mobility are transforming their lives, particularly with respect to gender relations and marital aspirations.

A wide array of venues community facilities, schools, night-clubs, etc. Situated on Lake Victoria, Kisumu serves as a major commercial and trading hub drawing both temporary and permanent immigrants from across Kenya as well as other parts of Africa.

As a result, although the large majority of its residents belong to the Luo ethnic group, Kisumu is also home to many other ethnic communities.