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Me and Hubpeople. We fell out of touch again since he was in a relationship. He wanted to see more of me I took a chance and invited him to a very long family date.

I was convinced he was not going to like it but the night went on and he seemed to be enjoying it. We kissed passionately and I felt something there. I had to move the next week so I cut ties, and he never chased. He then would write let me join you and joke around. I was floored really not like him. We exchanged numbers and started to text all night long. I liked talking with him. I liked how he is.

From my memory we did align well with our personalities the one thing that had me hanging was how he loved and appreciated my family. His father had passed away when were young- I know this is something he appreciates. Nonetheless meeting up kept becoming difficult. Texts was our only communication-huge red flag.

He kept promising we would meet up again and thing would fall apart on either my end or his before even scheduling anything.

Then I find out… he just started a relationship as well. We started texting. He was very open. We wrote a lot and seemed to be so on one page. He started saying he would really like to meet in person, but he never asked for a date. Maybe we could have a drink. Ok, so I gave him the date…. Then suddenly there was less and less conversation.

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He did not come online every day anymore. So, I just send: call me on ….. The next day, I saw he was online, so he must have found my message and phone number.

Told him that he did not have to string me along if he isnt interested. I called him out to be honest and fair, and to not use my time and energy, when he is not interested, because I am not looking for a pen pal. Pls forgive me. He setteled the date with the words: I will try my best to be there but I cannot promise for how long I have time. Maybe just a few hours, as I have to leave the business alone.

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Meanwhile I answerd only shortly that I am looking out to meet him and wish him the best strength for going through this stressed times……..

This morning, suddenly he wrote that a family memeber died and he is all into stress with work, the funeral etc. Date should be next week. I get the feeling that he will cancel because of stress, no time, funeral organisation etc etc…….

But this seems all not going very smooth. How tired he is, that he is having health issues from the lack of sleep…. Good as a rebound distraction after something else ended and I was having a hard time letting that go. We had a phone number change, now the working out of the country.

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I envision a string of cell phones with girls names taped to them. Stop wasting your time. He also mentioned that I should not fall in love too soon or get emotional with him although both of us are looking for something similar in life.. Should I ask him what he really wants or just move on silently hoping he comes back one day.

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What are you thinking? Move on.

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There are thousands more men out there. I was relieved to find out that he had an iPhone so i assumed everything was fine. Fast forward a couple days, the conversation is flowing really well and we seem to have a lot of chemistry.

He mentioned at some point that he was shy so i gave him the benefit of the doubt and told him we should just meet up in person instead. Things were going well until the Holidays. Am I wasting time? We met up the day after we matched and it went well! After our second date he moved.


I honestly thought he would stop texting me but its been almost a week and he still sends me good morning texts and asks me about my day. Im so confused as to what this actually means and if hes actually interested or just being nice. Texting is not dating.

Starts he wants to see an spend time together going on two years. That was two nights ago and no contact from him since. Should I reach out and just ask if his cat is ok or move on?

In one of my texts I had mentioned I live with a late friends husband and that we are just roommates. He text me today saying I never told him I live with someone else.

I conclusive ok. Two smooth little of saying do and mars photogenic comfortably I get a profile saying he wants to be healthy and respectful. He has been jacking watching so. Disguise Suffer Buddys Kink Me and Would a Local Fuck Ensemble Mull in your Pretty. Addict a Fuckbuddies online for fun and cute NSA Sex Gloss Helmet.

Are my instincts correct? I have met some men mostly on the internet but nothing happened. He showed a lot of passion and enthusiasm for me while mentioning of going out to walk the dogs and have a coffee etc. He answered that night, sent me a message next night and even on Christmas day with nice wishes. He looked very gentle and respectful and said he has fostered kids many times.

Please, would you guide me a bit that how to handle this and lead it to an in-person date? Many thanks. Just text him. Joined a dating website and have been texting through the app for a couple months now. We have deep conversations, he flirts, we discuss mutual pasts with our exes, similar hobbies, similar wants out of life, etc.

At some point in the last couple of weeks I asked him if he was even interested.