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This is the most common set-up, though some polyamorists live family-style in groups of three or more in the same house. Poly individuals are often bisexual like Samantha , but not always Stephane is hetero.

Polyamorists are often lumped in with swingers, though there is one key difference: the former believe in maintaining multiple emotional relationships along with all the sex. Hippies rejected monogamy in the same way they rejected haircuts—as symbols of patriarchal society.

Toronto, it turns out, is one of the most poly-friendly places in North America.

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There have been some notable watershed moments. They had dinner, went back to her place and had sex. Three months later, they moved in together. They decided to get married three years after that, when her dad was diagnosed with ALS Samantha wanted him to be able to walk her down the aisle.

The ceremony was at the Toronto Botanical Garden. Samantha, with her black bangs and red pout, reminds me of a live-action Betty Boop. Her features are cherubic, which makes it even funnier when she describes X-rated sex scenes as though she were talking about the weather. Neither self-identifies as a hipster does anyone? One night last November, they invited me over to their Junction semi.

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