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Following tradition in the matrilineal Mandi tribe, mother and daughter had married the same man. Among the Mandi, a remote hill tribe in Bangladesh and India, widows who wish to remarry must choose a man from the same clan as their dead husband. The only single males, however, are often much younger. So the custom evolved that a widow would offer one of her daughters as a second bride to take over her duties—including sex—when the daughter came of age.

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A widow would offer one of her daughters as a second bride to take over her duties—including sex. I wanted a husband of my own.

Oklahoma If Oklahoma native Dr. Michigan It s a felony and a Class H offense to two-time your spouse here, but the price for your crime is "jail or other intermediate sanction," according to the State of Michigan Sentencing Guideline Manual.

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With an unclear consequence like that, it s not worth it to succumb to temptation. Oh, and the possible three years behind bars doesn t sound fun, either. This consists of a husband and wife, their unmarried children, and their adult sons with their wives and children.

The barhi provides economic stability and a form of social identity.

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The barhi is both patriarchal and patrilineal. Gender Roles Women tend to be in charge of household affairs.

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