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Its purpose is to indicate if people have a weight that is healthy, given their height. I will discuss the likelihood of finding a romantic partner within a suitable weight range for you, depending on which country you live in. Actual estimates for the number of men and women within different weight ranges are presented. Special focus is given to the situation in the United States. Some adults with plenty of muscle may be of healthy weight, but have a BMI above the healthy range.

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However, for most people this is not an issue. With the increasing obesity rates in the population, the number of people with what is typically regarded as having an attractive body weight decreases. Thus, it becomes gradually more difficult to partner with someone possessing such a quality. Worldwide gender ratio map, adjusted for body weight But how strong is this effect in different countries?

The interactive map below gives answers.


By combining statistics for sex ratios and body mass index for different age groups it shows the relative chances of meeting a healthy weight companion. There are a number of adjustment possibilities, to begin with I suggest you just take a quick look. Green means a high number, while red indicates a low number. View full screen. Naturally, this makes it more difficult for men to find that special one. However, if you have specific standards requiring that your loved one needs to be within the healthy body weight group defined with the BMI scale, the situation changes.


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Of course, tastes differ, but our society still has not got mature enough to celebrate curves, so fat males and men are either fetishized or rejected. How, romance has left for online on dating sites for singles larger men.

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