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Learn more about how men and women can cope with changes to their sexual health during and after treatment. Communication about sexual health and intimacy Communication is important for healthy sexual feelings in any relationship.

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It can also help boost emotional intimacy and trust. There is no perfect time to talk about sex. But it is best to discuss it before becoming sexually intimate. If you are hesitant talking about your sexual health, consider these approaches: Decide what you want to say in advance. Pick a low-stress, unrushed time to talk. Find a private and neutral place for the discussion. Have multiple shorter conversations, if that feels more comfortable.

Slow But Sure: Does the Timing of Sex During Dating Matter?

A primary reason why sexual restraint benefits couples is that it facilitates intentional partner selection. For many young adults, the single life has become synonymous with hook-ups and sexual experimentation.

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The problem with these patterns is that proper partner selection is often difficult for sexually involved couples who experience strong physical rewards with each other, as these rewards can cause them to ignore or minimize deeper incompatibilities in the relationship. The human brain and body do not just experience pleasure during sex; they also experience strong sensations of attachment and bonding. Simply put, we are hardwired to connect.

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Rapid sexual initiation often creates poor partner selection because intense feelings of pleasure and attachment can be confused for true intimacy and lasting love. Early sex creates a sort of counterfeit intimacy that makes two people think they are closer to each other than they really are.

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Sexual Symbolism and Lasting Love Sexual restraint also benefits couples because it requires partners to prioritize communication and commitment as the foundation of their attraction to each other. This gives couples a different type of foundation from couples who build their relationship on physical attraction and sexual gratification.

This difference becomes particularly critical as couples naturally move past an initial period of intense attraction and excitement into a relationship more characterized by companionship and partnership. As Dr. Sexual restraint allows couples to focus on and evaluate the emotional aspects of their relationship.

The value of sexual restraint for committed couples moving toward marriage is best understood when couples appreciate that emotional intimacy is the true foundation of sexual intimacy in a healthy marriage. Emotional intimacy exists in a relationship when two people experience a sense of security, support, trust, comfort, and safety with one another.

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In dating, focusing on emotional intimacy is a process of coming to know each other from the inside-out, not just the outside in. In many cases their cultural or religious beliefs dictate this.

Slow But Sure: Does the Timing of Sex During Dating Matter?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this at all. The trick here is to be careful of messages of shame around sex outside of marriage. These messages can remain with people even when they do find themselves in culturally appropriate sexual situations and can lead to problems.

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