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Here’s what to know about sex and dating in phase four of COVID-19 reopening

Sex during the pandemic Can you catch coronavirus by having sex? And masturbation can help keep up the feel-good factor while partners are off limits.

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Groups like the British Academy of Sexual Health and HIV say phone sex, sexting or chat rooms are a popular go-to for anyone who normally finds sexual partners online. Limit the number of people you have sex with You should limit the number of partners you have sex with.

COVID-19 hasn’t totally killed casual dating in Toronto

According to Dr Brady, one partner is best. Talk to them about their health before you have sex and dont have sex if you, they or anyone you live with has coronavirus symptoms. Wash or sanitise your hands Wash or sanitise your hands before and after sex. Damien lives alone and spent most of the first lockdown completely isolated, except for essential errand runs.

How to date and have safe sex in the coronavirus era

When I did have my first pandemic hookup, towards the end of June, I was really too freaked out to even do much. Rather than entertaining dozens of people at once, users are streamlining matches into a chosen few.

If meeting up is a risk, a person better be worth it. Ghosting is predictably rampant. Singleton finds that her patients are noticeably more anxious about romantic rejection. It has a more acute sting now because of all the other stresses people are juggling.

Dating and Sex During Coronavirus: From Masks to Kissing, a Guide to Your Risks

We have a lower tolerance for distress when the base elements of life, like health, shelter and work are potentially at risk. But having sex outdoors, facing away from each other with no kissing, is probably your best bet these days. For some people, the fear of going into another lockdown without a partner spurred them to find someone to shack up with long term.

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Cuffing season happens every winter, but this year it was exacerbated by the possibility of a prolonged season of loneliness. NOW spoke to her before the second lockdown in Toronto and she was actively on the hunt for something long term.

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So where do you go from here? Those steps can make a big difference. So talking is fine but kissing, hugging and holding hands will have to wait.

How to date and have safe sex in the coronavirus era

If you do touch someone else, definitely wash your hands and always avoid touching your face. Chatting online or having your first date by video is always an option as well. And if you, your date or anyone you live with has coronavirus symptoms , you should postpone the date. The most common symptoms are a fever, a continuous cough or a change to your sense of taste or smell.